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SLWT works to identify and fund projects in Sierra Leone that improves the welfare of disadvantage children and youth.  We work through partnership; with established and credible local non-government organisations based in Sierra Leone.  SLWT works with its partners to successfully implement and manage local projects that are holistic in nature and we strongly believe that in order to promote the welfare of a child; that child’s family, home and community must be supported.

SLWT was founded in 1999, since then we have raised over $1,000,000 (US Dollars) and supported the lives of over 5,000 children and youths, and their communities in Sierra Leone.

Our vision is to “be an authority on the welfare of disadvantaged children and youth in Sierra Leone, and securing a better future for them.”

Let’s work together so we can help improve the lives of many in Sierra Leone. Read more....

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Salieu is just one child out of millions whose lives have been impacted by Ebola

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